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Month: January, 2014

Veddink: The Wedding Proposal|The Venue

ImageWhere one gets married is another major piece of the wedding puzzle. Having the right atmosphere is everything. My sister had her wedding at this place called The Hacienda. The hall where the ceremony was held was filled with light and was relatively small. I have always liked the idea of getting married somewhere in nature. Recently I’ve been looking at pictures of where other couples have been married. The image above is just one of my favorite scenes. It is rustic, simple, beautiful. It is not perfect, but that is what makes the image of it wonderful and dreamy.

ImageHere is another example of how I might like the ceremony stage to look like. Natural, green. I would like to have a lot of natural light. Possibly having the wedding just before sunset and the after party during the evening to the night would be ideal. The way the sun looks just as it’s setting would definitely set a magical mood.

ImageThis woodsy scene is just as beautiful as the other two. The high trees set a grand stage, yet this particular one has a more rustic feel. Of course, having my guests sit on wood and possibly risk splintering their butts is not really a pleasant image. However, the idea is nice.

ImageThis last image is yet another lovely image that I think would be spectacular to duplicate or even base a theme off of. Like the others, this image is filled with natural light, natural green, beauty, but the chandeliers add a different kind of elegance to the scene and shift the mood. All four of these images are ones that I might strive to capture myself and my partner in on our special day, should it ever come. not to mention that a nice creamy white shade that my dress might have would compliment and be complimented by the soft green natural light of day. Absolute beauty.

All I really want from the venue would  be the beauty of natural green light for the ceremony, and a rustic feel for everything else. Hopefully, my wedding wouldn’t be too large or too expensive, and making things on my own might help minimize hiring someone else to do those things for me. I would want wooden tables, mismatched chairs–haven’t decided on the color theme just yet–flowers, bird cages, candle lamps in those little glass cases. But we’ll get to the smaller decorations a little later. For now, I want a venue with a natural setting.


Veddink: The Wedding Proposal|The Ring


So, here comes the part about the ring. To me, the ring is very important. When you really think about it, you’re getting married not just for the sake of it; you get married because you want to share your life with another person, all of your life, for as long as they last; you get married to commit yourself to another person. Therefore, if you are getting married for the right reasons, then that means that whatever ring your partner places on your finger will be there until the day you die. This is the reason why the ring is very important to me. If I am going to wear a symbol of my commitment to another person for the rest of my life, I want the ring to also show my own personality intermingled with my partner’s.

This first picture is a ring that I like based on the stone. From what I can tell, it is sapphire, which is my birth-stone, so for that reason alone, I love the jewel of the ring. The shape of the jewel–not so much–but the jewel itself, yes.


This second ring shows the simplicity that I have already displayed a liking for in my dress and hair articles. This ring shows the unity of the relationship. It is not gaudy, but modest. I have always lied the simplicity of wedding bands. I don’t like rings that get complicated, and I don’t like diamonds. If my ring ever has a jewel in it, I would want it to be a deep red, sapphire blue, or purple. similar to the color purple in one of the rings shown below.


While I don’t like diamonds, I do like this ring. It has a vintage feel to it, and the fact that the diamonds are smaller–simple–is part of what makes me like it as well. It still has a shine and a sparkle to it, which is something that would be nice in a ring that I would spend forever wearing, but it doesn’t have that gaudy feel to it. I really don’t like gaudy, but I really do like vintage-feel.


This other ring is cool only in the sense that the engagement ring and the wedding ring fit together, they are matched. I don’t like this ring in any other way or for any other reason than that. My parents had one of those rings where there were two hands that clasped together when on your finger, but when you took it off you could open up the hands, and under the hands was a heart. It was essentially three rings linked into one to form a perfect combination. I had always liked that ring, even though it is made of cheap, inexpensive metal–which is not something I have a problem with since I bought most of my rings at Hot Topic and they always turned my fingers green–and I liked the ring because of how simple it was, but how it was also complex and artistic.


Again, this ring has a vintage feel to it, which is something I like. Simple, vintage, delicate.


I absolutely love the pattern on this ring. It looks a bit steampunkish. I don’t like how the jewel end sticks out, because when you think about it practically it would catch on one too many things and end up getting injured or injuring your finger in the process of wearing it. While beautiful, a ring of this shape could get annoying. I don’t know about you, but comfort has always trumped beauty for me. If I had a ring with this pattern, I would want a stone that was inset so that it didn’t get in the way of anything or catch on anything. Practicality is also a major want and need that I seek in a wedding ring.


Gold has never really been my color. I honestly prefer silver to any other sheen; however, this rose-gold is a color that I find I could wear and that could look good on me. I still don’t like diamonds, and if I had a ring like this I would replace those diamonds with better looking colored jewels or leave it plain. But I do like the color, and I do like the shape of the ring.

ImageImageImageI’ll talk about these next three rings all together. The first one is a custom-made ring. This is the type of ring that I think I would prefer to get. I could design all of it myself–or even with my partner–and it could be wonderful, everything I could want in a ring. The only problem with custom-made and designed rings is that they are–or at least can be–very expensive. Even so, this purple ring in all its spectacular design and simplicity is just the kind of ring that might be perfect for me. I love purple. It is my favorite color. I also love viney, flowery bands, the look of nature cast in metal of sorts and shining, which brings me to the ring second ring after.

The shape of this second one isn’t perfect. The portion carrying the jewel is, again, sticking up and out a little too much where it could get knocked off with enough accidental force, or it could end up injuring someone else or even one’s self. Otherwise, the leaves attached to a vine that wrap around the band is a look that I like.

This last ring reminds me of a flower ring that I already wear on one of my fingers. The leaves are there, yet they don’t protrude like the last one. They blend into the rest of the ring rather than stick out. And this ring has one very small jewel attached to it to it increases the level of elegance.

If I had to choose one of these rings, the purple one wins my heart. Still, I think it would be nice to be able to create my own ring. Only time will tell.

Veddink: The Wedding Proposal|The Hair


Hair is obviously a big part of the entire wedding outfit. Depending on the type of hair you have, you can do few or limitless things, extensions included. The feel that I would choose for my wedding would be one of natural comfort. The image above is a great example of what type of hairstyle I would choose, especially since it is quite simple and is made elegant and wedding-worthy with the flower headband. My hair is curly and redissh/blondish/brown. Currently, it is just past my shoulders. If I get married when I’m 27 years old, as I’ve planned all my life–if I were to marry–then hopefully it would either stay the same beautiful length it is or get a bit longer and be more beautiful.


Here is a slight repeat of the image above. Same great simple elegance, but with a mildly different flower headband. I also happen to love her hair color.


Again, the flower headband, but this time the hair is in a slight updo. This is yet another look that I’ve seen that I feel I could do with my hair and that I feel would also compliment me very much. The second picture is another that I think could work with my hair, but I would probably still use a flower headband/crown rather than an actual tiara. This post, if you haven’t already noticed, is probably going to be mostly images of the hairstyles that I would like to attempt or that I’m considering.


Here is a simple-looking, but probably very complex, hairstyle that I believe would also look fantastic on me. Depending on the type of dress that I choose, this hairstyle could either compliment my future wedding outfit or compromise it.


This time, the first image would be my dream wedding hairstyle. I mentioned in the previous post that I absolutely adored Lizzie’s dress at the formal ball in Pride and Prejudice (with Kiera Knightly). I also happen to love her hair throughout the film, whether it was up or down. The first hairstyle I feel is reminiscent of her hairstyle for some of the film, and if it was matched with my first choice dress in the last article, I think that I would look absolutely amazing and perfect–just for one day of my life. The picture below it  is posted because I do like the hairstyle, but I also really dig the little accessory in her hair.

To conclude, the type of hair I would want depends mostly on my dress; however, these are all hairstyles that I believe will both look good on me regardless, will not take too much effort, will look good if it gets messy, and has the elegant yet natural look to it. Comfort is also, as always, a major plus. I feel that the more simple it is, the better.

Veddink: The Wedding Proposal|The Dress


A-line dresses have always looked best on me. Because I am short–standing at a mere 4′ 11 & 3/4″ (let’s just say I’m 5′ and be done with it), I know that I will absolutely need my dress to be hemmed, and since, for now, I am also of the petite size, I would most definitely need it to be brought in. However, regardless of the alterations that would be needed to make my dress perfect, I have always dreamed that my wedding dress would be something of a mix. See, I really like Lizzie’s dress in Pride and Prejudice–with Keira Knightly–when she is attending the more formal ball; but I also love the pearled/jeweled look that the flapper girls of the 1920s give off; and I really dig the simple elegance of a comfortable-looking, loose-flowing, A-line dress. What is more, is that I also love the slightly-off-the-shoulders/off-the-shoulders look. In the image above, you can see that the jeweled sleeves gracefully fall into small cups around her shoulders to be assured that they might stay there throughout the ceremony, and the dress is very cutely A-lined. This picture is shown simply because I love the sleeves and the little bow in the back. now, I might prefer a higher back to my dress, but I have no problem with the lower back for the ceremony.


This second dress shows a little more of the 1920s vintage feel that I really like. Its beading is similar to the flapper girl dresses that seemed quite popular at the time, the one made for parties and such, and it does have some kind of A-line to it, though it also seems to flare out slightly into a mermaid. I have never really worn a mermaid dress before, but I’m sure I wouldn’t look too bad in that shape either. However, A-line still fits me best, I say.


This third style of dress is one that also interests me. I love the look of the shawl that connects to the dress and the fact that it is A-lined to a degree, so it would fit my body and have a rustic/vintage look to it. Yet, this type of dress might be one that I would wear more for the party after the ceremony and not for the ceremony itself. Unfortunately for my groom to be–who is hopefully by current boyfriend–I actually do want a nice wedding. I’ll go into more detail about the actual details of the ceremony, party, gifts, activities, location, etc. in another article to be soon posted. For now, we’ll focus on the dress. I feel that this would be a good evening/ party dress because it looks so simple and modest, whereas I would prefer my ceremony dress to have a bit more flair to it, as can be seen in the two dresses above.


If I did happen to choose a more modest, and more likely less expensive ceremony dress that could also be worn at the party after–thus saving me more money since I wouldn’t have to invest in two dresses–I would probably choose a dress like this. It has both the comfort and the elegance that I desire in my wedding dress. It is loose flowing, not too tight, not corseted–though I do love corsets–it has the slightly off the shoulder sheer cap sleeves, and it is very reminiscent of Lizzie’s dress at the formal ball scene in Pride and Prejudice. If you’re wondering how I would do my hair or what about my shoes, well, that will also be in another short segment.



This image above is yet another idea of how I might like my dress to be. If I am unable to get cap sleeves or anything that looks close enough to any of the dresses above for the price within my undecided budget (seeing as how I am not even engaged yet, merely dreaming and planning for “when,” for “if”) then I would probably go for a dress like this. It is, once again, comfortable looking, flowy, A-lined, simple, elegant. It is just another version of everything I am looking for. Add the right accessories and it could turn into everything I am looking for.



This last dress is really more for fun. It has an Indian wedding feel to it, beautiful colors, wonderful, flowing,. fun shape. I saw the picture of this dress and simply loved it. I would get a different type of style at my neck to hold it up rather than the one in the picture, but I simply adore this dress. If my wedding ever made a strange turn of events and the theme changed, this would be the dress I might choose.

These were all of the images of my favorite kinds of dresses in almost total. I have found many dresses, each of which I like bits and pieces of, but never the whole thing, and yet these six dresses I like in near completion, I like almost everything about them, and if I tried any of them on, I’m sure that I might cry out, “this is the one,” with tears in my eyes as most brides tend to do. Most, not all.


Why the Next Few Segments Will Be Focused Less on ‘Why’ and More on ‘What’


True, it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted much of anything on here, so let me fill those of you who do read this in:

Since my last ‘Why’ post, my life has gone topsy-turvy. I’ve been investing in a new computer, which means my funds have been limited. I’ve been dreaming big, but have been to lazy to do anything about it–mostly because work tires me out; it makes me wonder how I ever would have survived those long hours when it was legal for workers to work 20 hours without breaks since I’m working a measly 8 hours with a total of an hour long break split in three. Because of work and my dedication to making my relationship with my boyfriend last while I also make sure my room stays clean and I’m participating in the family chores, I have been quite exhausted, not having enough energy to even watch my normally addictive k-dramas or play my much desired video games or even partake in my favorite past-time: reading. There has been plenty to write about, but not enough energy or determination to do so. I apologize for this.

One thing I have noticed is that I have been doing a lot of learning instead. We make Americano’s at my work, and yet we do not make them the way they ought to be made. Wee pour the water first and then the shots of espresso–which is technically called a long black and holds a different and much bolder flavor than an Americano–whereas an Americano is shots and then water, so it tastes more like coffee than an espresso drink. This was news to me, and when I found out, I decided to tell my manager about it. He then disagreed with me, saying the “long-black” way was better tasting and customers enjoyed it more. If they enjoy it more, perhaps we should be offering long blacks rather than americanos.

Anyhoodles, I’ve been researching espresso drinks, I’ve been looking at cookie recipes, at korean recipes, at new books and old books and articles about books or authors or book philosophy that truly interest me. I find that while I must continue going to school in order to pursue my chosen career, I really have stopped enjoying school very much. English has always been interesting to me, but reading for school has always felt more like a chore than a passion. Teaching myself new things–even if that means seeking answers in others who can be deemed “teachers” in my eyes–has always been more of a passion than paying for someone else to teach me. But I’m getting a bit off topic.

I’ve been with my boyfriend now for two years and we’ve had our fair share of problems and we still have a long, long way to go because either of us is ready to commit to that certain level which one needs to survive a marriage. And yet I can’t help but dream of how he might propose to me one day, where it will happen, what ring he might choose, if his choices show how well he knows me and whether he’s paid attention to who I really am at all, what our wedding day would be like, etc. I’ve been thinking about these things since I first knew I loved him at the beginning of our relationship, sure that he was the one. I’m not foolish and I’m not rash. I know not to speed into marriage. From a young age I told myself the earliest I would marry would be 27, and if I ever had kids it would be when I’m 30.

However, being as hopeless of a romantic as I am, there is something about those stories of people falling in love almost at a glance, saying, “this is the person I’m going to marry,” and a week or two or three weeks later they’re hitched, and at 70 years old they’re still together, married for 50 years. This is one of those relationships I have always dreamed to have. I don’t have that relationship. My personality doesn’t qualify me to have that kind of relationship. I am far too logical for my to jump into a marriage with a stranger when I take marriage and love so seriously. I never dreamed of my wedding or being married when I was younger. Even with my first boyfriend I avoided the subject–not because I didn’t love him, I just didn’t love him strongly enough to commit my entire life and being to him–and yet for the last two years it’s what I’ve dreamed of with my recent boyfriend.

I haven’t got much of an outlet besides pinterest for my new-found passion of all things weddings and engagements, so for the next few posts–whenever they are ready to come–they will be in a segment called, “Veddink: The Wedding Proposal,” where I shall detail each aspect of my dream wedding and engagement from A to Z, even if the ideas might contradict each other.


Here’s the pinterest I’ve been creating for some time now: http://www.pinterest.com/thriceotic/veddink/


What Happened in 2013

Cause we all know everyone loves to dwell on the past one more time before it’s gone.

I started 2013 with my boyfriend, at his friends house where they drank and partook in unmentionables that interested me not, so I sat down at the table in the kitchen, writing and drawing and wishing to be somewhere else. My boyfriend and I were in a bad place then. Two months later, we shared and anniversary. One month later, I broke up with him due to minor infidelity. I finished my last semester at one college, got my first standing job-rather than just a summer job-received my license at the ripe age of 21, bought my first car, and began to learn why having a car and a part-time job means you’re too poor to do anything else. Summer began, I started to see one ex who I had always been very good friends with only to learn that my most recent ex was wanting me back. Unfortunately, my most recent ex was the man I had loved like I had loved no other, so I ended my fling with ex 1 to give ex 2 another chance. I began the fall semester at a university, and fought with my recovered boyfriend more than I’d like to admit. Reinstilling faith in a relationship is incredibly difficult after having lost it all. But after all our fights, all my times trying to end things again because I was too frustrated to work things out, too tired of feeling slightly cheated, he stuck around. He let me end things the time before because he didn’t know what he wanted yet, but I loved him, I still do, and he has been trying.

Last year’s start was incredibly terrible. Then it continued: I broke up, I moved on, I reentered society, started something new, ended that something for a gamble, fought most of the time, wanted to end everything. Christmas season was bad for he and I, but we made it through despite the fights. He considers me more than he let’s on, and I’ve been trying to learn his quirks to better understand him when he doesn’t know how to express things himself.

I started this year slightly tipsy, but happy, surrounded by his good and open conversation, his sister’s laughter at the stories we told each other, our very own countdown not coming from a radio or a tv, a wonderful new years kiss, and then we fell asleep in each other’s arms. When he woke up early for work in the morning, he made sure to tuck me in so I wasn’t cold, and he held my hand for a bit, then kissed me goodbye.

Simply from the way this year has started, I think it might be an alright one.