Goals For the Rest of 2014


Well, for starters, I’m hoping to eat healthier. I have a secret that I’ve only let my boyfriend know, and none of my family members read this. I don’t really have many friends either, so I doubt anyone else I know knows about this blog or reads anything from me; while I haven’t been officially diagnosed, I am pretty certain that I am depressed. I was depressed once before when I was 14 years old and it lasted for about a year. What I’ve been feeling for almost two years now is what I would describe as an amplified and evolved version of what I felt when I was 14. Due to this, my eating and sleeping schedules and intake have not been consistent. I also am hoping to maintain some kind of sleep schedule, but that proves to be difficult due to my inconsistent work schedule. I’ve noticed that I function much better when I have a consistent schedule. If I could work nights all the time, that would be amazing. Having to close, and then open, and then work in the afternoon, and then open, and then close, and then close, and then afternoon, and then open again…it just sucks.

Secondly, there are a number of things–very small, unproductive, yet entertaining things–that I wish to acquire and/or accomplish. Beating Corpse Party; The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess; Demon’s Souls; Fatal Frame. Reading the 15 some books that I’ve bought over the last school semester, including The Madness of Hallen, The Language of Flowers, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, Adulting, etc. Creating my own home supplies, such as sugar scrubs, soaps, face mists, etc. Exercising more, especially concentrating on yoga, meditation, and possibly giving Tai Chi a try. Visiting the beach more often, hanging out with some friends that I made at work more often. Watch the 50 some shows and episodes of shows that I have had on my netflix for far too long.

As for the acquiring part, well, I’d need to get Wind Waker, possibly some books or videos on tai chi and yoga, and there are still numerous books that I at least want to look through if not buy, such as Brunette Ambition and The Body Book. I’d also like to invest more money into my computer set up and buy a web cam and some headphones with a speaker at some point so that I can play more games online with my friends and with my boyfriend. One game I’m particularly looking forward to this year is The Evil Within. I’m trying to save up for that.

Another important thing that I always tend to forget about is my writing. I really do wish to finish my novel and I’ve got about 50 pages of it down now, but I find it terribly difficult to focus on my work when I am interested in so many things that I see online, all the articles on sites, all the videos on youtube, all the games and books that I want to finish, all the places that I want to go. I would love to have a beach house someday where I can focus on writing. I’ve never liked the ocean much, but I love the sound of it, and I love the weather that being close to the ocean brings. Ideally, it’d be nice to live either close to the beach or very close to the forest so that there is no sound of cars or neighbors to distract me, and no chance of receiving internet to distract me. I would really like to have a writing room of my own. That’s all in the future hopes though. More immediately, I’m hoping to have completed the first version of my book by the end of this year, but with summer laze and the school craze, I find it difficult to concentrate on it.

I’d also really love to keep this blog updated, but it seems that with all of my other goals, I may not be posting all too much. I apologize for my absence, but while I have all these other goals that I wish to complete, I might not be posting as often as I would usually like. I appreciate all of those who have read even one article of my blog. I really do. I hope to post something soon.

Ta for now.