The Plague of Storytelling

by Mushra


I’m a writer. Oh my gosh no way! Yes way, my friend. Yes way. Anyway, over the last few years I have discovered that I have a knack for creating stories and some kind of roadblock when it comes to actually putting pen to paper and making those words really bleed through.

Due to this, I am technically working simultaneously on five novels at once, a billion poems, and three short stories. I won’t go into their details right now, but I will say that while I love inventing world’s and stories and characters, my tiny little hands just do not work quickly enough to get down all the information my brain is trying to send to it.

Thus, the plague of storytellers is simply that we must have an outlet, a platform, a stage on or with which we can utilize to produce our art for whomever the audience enjoying our spectacle might be. I’m considering publishing serially and producing final products in print form later on right now, but I fear what may become of my writing out in the public eye. Yes, we writers still have a form of stage fright when it comes to our work.

I look forward to my first year in Washington since it will not consist of school getting in the way of my self-education which means I have more time and energy to devote to writing. I back in the flames of Hell until that day comes when I turn away from sunny California and embrace that great, wide somewhere. Where it’s cold.