Heyo. I’m a 22 year old student living in California. I’m not at all a sun-bather or surfer chicka like many of my counterparts here in California, nor am I a party girl. I’ve never even been to a party except for the ones I attended as a child for my likewise child friends. I’d really prefer living in Oregon. I feel the weather and the people would suit my personality and interests much better than sunny California. Anyhoodles, these entries will mainly be written on “why this” or “why that,” and occasionally I may add other articles not based on “why.” I’ve tried blogging a few times and failed each time, but this time I’m really hoping to keep up with it. It really is quite difficult being a working student trying to maintain family and friendly relationships. However, seeing as how I am a bit of a recluse who loves to write and misses it dearly, I’m sure that I’ll find time to post articles. Still deciding whether it should be once a week or every day. My first post “Why Start This Blog?” explains in more detail how I restarted this entire thing. Hope you all enjoy.

Thanks for reading so far.